Today there are more people studying for degrees than there have ever been. Perhaps this is partly due to societal improvements which have led to greater intelligence. Regardless of why, it can be very difficult for graduates to find employment. There are usually a significantly greater number of applicants than there are jobs available, which is a problem for those who haven’t achieved top tier grades in their subject.

Considering the competitiveness of the market, it is incredibly important to avoid making mistakes when you apply. One of the most common mistakes stems from candidates failing to take each individual application seriously, where they distribute their resume with reckless abandon without carefully considering what skills to include in relation to the job they are applying for. It is important to remember that when recruiters scan your resume, they will look at your academic background, and they will observe whether your profile and experience matches what is listed on their job specification. It is therefore crucial for graduates to tailor their resumes to include relevant experience, and create a profile that matches the skills necessary to succeed in the jobs they are applying for. This way, recruiters will be impressed by thier educational backgrounds, and also by the skills obtained that are transferable to the job in question.

It is also really important not to limit applications to one or two portals, where graduates often choose one or two agencies and heavily rely on them. If you have sent off numerous applications with one agency and failed to hear a response, it is probably time to move on. This is essential when considering how many different recruitment agencies there are out there, alongside various opportunities to send your resume directly to companies. By restricting yourself to one or two agencies, you are only covering a small percentage of jobs available on the market, so widening your net will improve your chances significantly.

If you have the ambition to further your education beyond the Bachelor’s degree level, then funding opportunities have made this a possibility for people from all walks of life. Here you will greatly enhance the skills you need to be successful in the industry, skills that aren’t strictly limited to the specialization you have elected to study. From a broader perspective, you will enhance your ability to communicate, work as part of a team, and will generally become a more confident individual who is better equipped to take on the working world. You can obtain these benefits from studying for a Master’s.

Online routes of education have made it possible to study for a Master’s online, a prospect which would have been refuted ten years ago. Due to technological advancements, studying a VU’s MBA degree online is realistic, a notion that is hard to believe when you consider how difficult it is to gain a bachelor’s degree. This suggests great improvements in the quality of education provided by Virtual Universities.

By following the points above and considering further education, you should ensure a prosperous career for yourself, if you stay focused.

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