Easy Remedies To Cure Sun Burns

Easy Remedies To Cure Sun BurnsThere are a lot of things to love about the summer, but a lot of things to hate as well. The heat, the sweat and most of all the sun burns.

Sun burns are basically parts of our skin which gets really scorched by prolonged stay in direct sunlight. It can happen on the beach or if you are walking in the sun. It is also possible for it to happen in patches or on your whole exposed body. Sometimes, no matter how much sunscreen you apply your skin gets burnt, or you forget to reply another coat which then leads to burns.

Sun burns can be extremely painful, making it hard to wear clothes or your silver rings. So, here are a few remedies to sooth the pain and cure your skin:

1. Potato Paste

We all love potatoes, we like eating them in different ways, but who knew they would come handy here as well. Just take scrubbed potatoes and grate or blend them in a bowl. The paste should be liquid and not dry; you can add water

Herbs for Skin Care

Herbs for Skin CareWe all want a young and beautiful look! It has been an urge in the human race ever since its origin. The practice of adoring and improving our appearance has been continuing across the centuries. The word “cosmetics” originated from the Greek word “kosmeticos” which means adorn. Since then, all materials used for caring the skin, beautifying it or improve its look have been called cosmetics.

Nowadays, cosmetics are essential commodities in life. Many natural materials are using for the production of cosmetics and herbs are common in all most all cosmetics. To adorn and improve the skin appearances and to treat many skin diseases, herbal products have been using across the world. Ultraviolet (UV) radiations are one of the prime reasons for sunburns, wrinkles, immunity problems, premature aging and to a certain extent-Cancer. It has been proved scientifically that herbs and herbal preparations/products have high potential to prevent the UV rays because of their strong antioxidant activity.

Antioxidants like vitamin C &E, flavonoids, and phenolic acids play a prime role in fighting against radical species which are the prime cause of many changes occurring

The Best Treatments for Acne Scars

Best Treatments for Acne ScarsTeenage years can be a confusing time since a person is going through a lot of physical and emotional changes. Studies too are getting tough and everyone starts expecting a more responsible behavior which is not always easy.

Acne has the knack of showing up all of a sudden and can ruin the perfect look. Thankfully, for most people, it goes away with puberty. However, not everyone is that fortunate and in some people, acne can continue to be a problem for many more years to come.

There are a number of problems attached with chronic acne. Apart from the cosmetic effect, acne can also have physical symptoms like pain and puss leakage. If left uncontrolled, acne can cause real scaring impacts.

To counter acne scarring, proper corrective treatments are needed. Traditionally, people have relied upon surgical scar removal. However, with nonsurgical and minimally invasive treatments available, people tend to prefer them due to equally good results and no lengthy downtimes or severe side effects.

These nonsurgical treatments warrant a closer look as they promise to deliver extremely good results. Let’s take a closer look at these to learn more about them